Friday, April 8, 2011

Show us your life: Mothers and Fathers Day Ideas

These ideas are going to be for my parents and my husbands parents (but this time next year it will be us enjoying this special day!!). Since we know/hope that we will be pregnant  (cross your fingers) by the beginning of May, I was thinking "New Grandma" picture frames, because we will have an early ultra-sound done by Mothers day and I can put a picture of the baby ( s')  in the frame! Here are a just a few ideas I'm thinking of....:

 I love this picture frame!
 This is more of a joke but I think it is too cute!

How adorable? Am i right? This bag comes with a few goodies inside too!
I'm still debating on what I will get, but I think these ideas are a good start!

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