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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


A few months ago I rode with my my dad, mom and brother to "send him off" to boot camp! My brother, Matt, decided to join the marines about a year ago so he could get his life on track, and I am so proud of him for following through! My brother and I have been the best of friends for as long as I can remember and I miss having him around :( But I know it is all good for him and good for his career! Here are some pictures of that day!!:
This was the only luggage he could bring!! hA
 I took a picture of one of the pamphlets (I don't know why)
 Me and my sweet little brother
 Matt and my dad
 I got a picture of him leaving to go in and wait with the rest of the Marines. Matt I love you so much and we am so proud of you! I cant wait to see you at your graduation!