Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Momma’s Day Out

So Saturday was my first day away from the babies! It was very hard to leave them and yes I cried but I really needed a few hours of relaxation. I've gotten a lot of advice about babies and myself, and one thing that’s a constant for everyone is to “take time for yourself”; So I did exactly that. My wonderful step mother in law (who is like a mom to me and one of my best friends) took care of my sweet angels and had her friend, Lori, help her. Me and my friend Jill left the house around 11:30 and met my dad for lunch at Logan’s! It was delicious!! Then we went and got out hair colored, cut and styled!! I usually color my own hair, and it kills my back; so it felt good to finally have someone do my hair and have a massage in the shampoo chair! After getting our hair done we went to the outlet malls to do a little shopping! I went to carters and bought the babies some new outfits! My shopping trips are a little different now hah! I was thinking about them the whole time and what else I could buy them!

8 weeks 0428 weeks 043

8 weeks 0468 weeks 045

8 weeks 044

Yes, my hair looks awful in these pictures hah! I think these pics are so funny because you can tell I started crying. I started laughing to try and stop the crying! Poor JP’s head is just hanging…whoops momma!


This was my delicious lunch!! MmmMM! We didn’t even have time to eat it! By the time our food came, we realized it was time to go to our appointments! So we packed up the food and ate it while getting our hair done!






When I got home I loved on these sweet babies;)

8 weeks 0478 weeks 048

JP Snug as a bug!

8 weeks 054

With our little girl! JP was asleep and I didn't want to wake him;(

I feel so refreshed and so glad I got out of the house … FINALLY! It made me miss my babies and love on them more when I got home but I know it is good for me and good for them.


  1. SOOO glad you had a good time out & about. Your hair looks great. It's so good for us Mommy's to refresh & get away for a bit!

  2. Your hair looks great! Glad you had a great time!

  3. It feels SO good after you have babies to get out!! It's so nIce every once in awhile. Your hair looks great!! (better than mine did the other day) ha! I finally highlighted it myself:-) you look awesome momma!!

  4. Hi, I'm a new follower. I really enjoyed reading your blog. You look great sweetie. New moms do need to get pampered, it's great that you had some "me" time. Come and visit me sometime. Have a great day. http://llloft.blogspot.com/

  5. Glad you got your Me time in Mama! <3


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